Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Updated! Dyson Hair Dryer Review

dyson supersonic 2
The perfect blow out is no easy feat. It's a science and an art. Like many, I have used traditional blow dryers (more specifically, the T3) on my own with somewhat successful results. If I take my time and put in the effort, I usually get a better result. If I rush, the look is not so polished. Humid days  don't help this. Of course, when I get it done by Stacy or Anna (my go-to stylists!), the result is always incredible however, I can rarely, if ever, repeat that look. What's a girl gotta do to smooth out her hair in DC?!

Ahh, but then comes Dyson. The company famously known for their vacuum technology and that guy with the cool British accent that pretty much can convince you to buy anything. With millions of dollars spent in Research and Development, Dyson has tackled the long antiquated blow dryer technology and the results are game changing. I compare the  Dyson SuperSonic to the change from flip phones to "smart" phones. Flip phones were fine because that was all we knew. Traditional blow dryers are fine because it is the only technology that has existed. Until now! The Dyson really has revolutionized blow drying for me. Here is the short and sweet of it:

  • It's compact. The Dyson's motor is in the handle and that takes a moment to get use too. Once you are familiar with it, it's easy to go through the hair without a lot of acrobatic hand positions.
  • It's quick. The heat distribution is AH-mazing. I don't have to repetitively go back over the same portion like before. 2-3 times tops. I can't understate this feeling. In the past, I have gone over one portion at least 4-5 times and I usually burn my scalp or ear in the process. The Dyson does not overheat so you don't get that burning sensation.
  • Yes, it's powerful. It looks dainty but trust, it is not. It's just a good design! I have thick & curly hair. The highest setting was perfect to get my hair smooth without a ton of extra work.In fact, Dyson has spent $58,000.00 in just hair samples alone to test out their technology on all hair types.
  • The results are incredible. I knew the user experience would be different because of the design but I was also ecstatic to see my hair shinier, smoother and less frizzy with half the effort I usually put it.

People will be skeptical about it's ability and won't love the price point, but the bottom line is the Dyson rocks a blow dry like no other. Sephora is selling it now for $399. This is worth every penny if you are a blow dry fanatic like myself. For sure, give it a go. What do you have to loose? Super soft hair with less effort and professional results?! Get on board, the future is here! Before and After Photo Coming Soon!

UPDATE 4/13/2018

Product reviews are not complete without an update! I can see from re-reading my blog that I was majorly in love with this device, gifted to me by my sweet hubs. A year and a half I can finally say I have mastered my Dyson blowdry (and so has he!). I should also mention my hair type is curly, coarse and thick. Lucky for me, it handles heat very well. Phew.

Lessons Learned

1) Make SURE you know what heat temperature you want. The heat temperatures are:
  • Third Setting: 212°F fast drying and styling 
  • Second Setting: 176°F regular drying 
  • First: 140°F gentle drying
I found that continuous use of the Third Setting over time made my hair extremely dry. I settled on the Second Setting with a Medium or Low airflow, even if it takes longer. I add an extra dallop of Kiehl's Heat Protective Straightening Cream for good measure. This has helped with the dry, brittle look some reviewers talk about and I have experienced here or there. 212 degrees is extreme! If you are going to use this heat setting, use Low airflow. I wouldn;t recommend you use the High airflow with the Third Setting. You will be left with straw like hair.

2) I tried going back to my T3 for kicks. That will never happen again. The heat loss is so great in a traditional machine, it makes me sweat. Seriously, is the heat on my hair or the entire bathroom? The Dyson focuses the heat on your hair, so it's always a comfortable experience. Ditching the traditional blow dryer forever for this reason alone.

3) Don't use for a "rough" dry. It's not a pretty look and it doesn't work with the Dyson for some reason. Your hair will just dry in that position and it will be harder to dry smooth.

If you ever worry about damage when blow drying your hair, check out this interesting study I found from NIH. The conclusion of the study:
"Although using a hair dryer causes more surface damage than natural drying, using a hair dryer at a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion causes less damage than drying hair naturally."
I'll take it!