Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring is FINALLY here!

It's time to change up your makeup, but learn to make it fast, warm weather will be waiting for you outside soon enough. Here are my recent favorites to get ready quick.

 I really enjoy applying Makeup Forever HD Foundation using a Beauty Blender. Maybe it's the color of the sponge or the application. The quick, bouncy motions spread the foundation like second skin on my face and is so fun to use! It's nearly a magic trick with how lovely this combo works. I use the blender for my contouring too when I am in a rush, the CoverFX formulas are creamy enough. Just make sure to wash your Beauty Blender after each use. I'll use face wash to lather and rinse it out but the Brush Cleaner from Beauty Blender works great too.

As far as eyes go, light definition for the brows with the M.A.C pencil & a few swipes of Makeup Forever really give me a break from my standard liquid winged liner. Plus, to dress it up, all I need is a NARS Lip Pencil in a bright color like Red Square. Oasis blush gives me a light, rosy pink shade on my olive toned cheeks. Not easy to achieve, fyi! It's easy to find peachy tones that work well , but I find most pinks I try aren't ever that perfect rose neutral. 

Those are a few of my recent favorites for my low maintenance look. Next post will be about my newest acquisition, Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Sticks!

What have you tried lately? I'd love to hear your new go-to's!

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