Monday, April 6, 2015

My Nightly Skincare Routine

Skin first, then makeup. A clear canvas makes way for endless possibilities, so invest in products that work for you. My skin is typically breakout prone/combination and moody! After years of looking for the holy grail of skin products, these products and tips have definitely won my affection. For me, it's just as much fun to take off my makeup as it is to apply.
Use nightly.

Step 1. The Pre-Wash - Wipe off the day

Step 2. The Cleanse - 1 minute/with Clarisonic every 2 days or so

Step 3. The Rinse - cool to warm water ( never hot!)

Step 4. The Night Treatment -Wait for skin to fully dry to reduce irritation

Step 5. The Moisture - Add some moisture back to your skin to keep it fresh for the AM

What do you use to get clear, glowy skin?

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