Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hey Dolls, 

Makeup For Ever just sent me a few bottles of the Ultra HD foundation and I could not WAIT to try them! The new formula is replacing the old formula, however, Sephora is still selling the original formula as of today. So, if you're a die-hard fan, I'd purchase it while you can. I hear the new release is coming soon in July.

How it's different:
  • Ultra HD is much more fluid than the original. 
  • Ultra HD has significantly more shades to choose from
  • Ultra HD works with 4k technology 

How it's the same:
  • Both formulas still contain no sunscreen (yay! I love adding my own,where appropriate)
  • Both formulas glide on smoothly
  • Both formulas provide buildable coverage

The greatest thing about this new formula is the fluid texture. It blends immediately into the skin without a ton of extra work. My skin instantly looked more refined and hydrated. I feel this gave a dewy-er look than the original formula which seemed more matte, but that may just be the humid weather.

I used my fingers to pat a small amount into the skin, starting in the center. I'd recommend >1 pump for the entire face, after moisturizer and primer, and building up coverage as needed. By the way, I recommend the BLUE Makeup For Ever Primer, especially for Yellow Skin tones, I love the slight illuminating effect it gives. I was really happy with the coverage of >1 pump because I really like see-through skin.

If you love velvety smooth finishes to foundation, this foundation is a buy for you.
Check our Wayne Goss's Tutorial video, I found it very helpful, hope you do too!

Also, Ultra HD will be introducing Foundation Sticks. Great for contouring, will have to try it to compare to my Tom Ford Foundation Stick, which i LOVE.

Stay Pretty!

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